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Medical TeamJoin us for Lab 101 at our Fall Quarterly.  Registration Form can be accessed through this link:

OSMA Fall Quarterly Registration 2016

The OSMA Board would prefer that a member or members manage all updates to the OSMA website. This would be a cost cutting move. OSMA would still pay the yearly domain costs.

AAMA 2015 Annual Conference Education Committee: Joyce Garibay, CMA (AAMA), Chair, shared that nearly all of the education session speakers have been obtained and are confirmed. There are only a few sessions open, but speakers have already been contacted to fill these sessions. The AAMA Annual Conference will be in Portland, OR, September 2015.

General Assembly Committee: OSMA is looking into becoming a General Assembly and Candy Miller, CMA (AAMA) shared that most states are operating by General Assembly.  Only approximately 11 states are still operating with a House of Delegates format.  More details regarding how a general assembly functions will be discussed at the Fall Quarterly Board Meeting, September 20, 2014, Salem Hospital. (see registration form)

The OSMA Board has decided that the OSMA President-Elect will be planning the OSMA Leadership Event that is usually held in February. Many of the ideas that come from the leadership event will be implemented the following presidential year.  The OSMA assigned the task to the President Elect for 2015.

A Leadership Manual is in the process of being created. It will be similar to that utilized by Washington State Society of Medical Assistants.  The manual could be ready for distribution at the 2015 leadership event.

A back page of the 2014 AAMA Conference Program has been reserved for Paula Purdy, CMA(AAMA) campaign for AAMA Vice President Position.  OSMA supports Paula in her campaign for AAMA Vice President.

Karan Drahn, CMA(AAMA)


OSMA President 2014-2015