Membership Benefits

Your AAMA Membership is key to your success! AAMA is here to assist you to be a more effective medical assistant and to keep the professional edge that certification gives you. As one employer states:
“I strongly prefer our medical assistants to be “credentialed”…..the Portland medical apparatus moves closer to the CMA (AAMA) standard each year…….”
The AAMA is the only association devoted exclusively to the medical assisting profession. If you are a medical assisting practitioner with administrative, clinical, managerial, or general duties, or if you are a medical assisting educator or a student, you will benefit from AAMA membership.
  • Get first-hand access to medical assisting news, continuing education articles, and health care information, via CMA Today, the bimonthly magazine of the AAMA.
  • Have your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for AAMA activities entered in the CEU registry and access your transcript online.
  • Benefit from the value of in-person, AAMA educational events provided by local chapter, state society, and national meetings.
  • Belong to an organization that works to protect your scope and right to practice as a medical assistant.
  • Get answers to your legal questions regarding job-related issues.
  • Receive discounts on conference registration, workshop fees, self-study courses, and become eligible to apply for an AAMA credit card.
  • Enhance professional credibility to peers and employers by affiliation with the AAMA.
For more information about the services that the AAMA provides, go to AAMA Services.
As a member of the AAMA, you will have the strength of the national association behind you, representing your professional interests. You will also benefit from the convenience and focus of your own local chapter and state AAMA affiliates.
To learn more about your local state and chapter societies, go to or call 503 944-1128.


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